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New Water Application form New Tarrif Pay your Water Bill via Mpesa PayBill Number:919100

The Customer Should abide by the terms and conditions specified in the Water Act 2016 and take responsibility for payment of water, sewer and meter rent until such time as the agreement is terminated in accordance with the Company’s policy.

Below are Oloolaiser Water and Sewerage Company Conditions Water Supply:

  1. All application for the execution of works will be dealt with in the order of priority or date, but the company reserves the right of executing the work in the manner and at the time best in its convenience.
  2. The company shall have the right forthwith and without notice to terminate the agreement for any breach by the consumer to the conditions of supply, but without prejudice to any antecedent right against the consumer including the right to take court proceedings
  3. All water consumed shall be billed at the end of thirty days consumption. Payment shall be done by Mpesa to the company pay-bill no. 919100, cheque at our offices, Post bank and also Posta.
  4. Customers shall be bound by the Kenya Gazette Notice. Any changes in the water tariffs shall be notified in the Kenya Gazette one month before implementation. The same shall also be displayed on the Company’s Notice board, company website and Services Centre’s.
  5. The customer shall pay the prescribed deposit in line with services being requested as per the existing tariff which shall be retained by the company for the period during which the consumer is supplied with water, or maintains a connection. The amount will be refunded to the consumer upon termination of the agreement and production of the deposit receipt.
  6. The Company shall be responsible for all water supply facilities up to the connection point.Thereafter the responsibilities and risks pass to the customer.
  7. It is unlawful for anyone to tamper with a water meter which is the property of the company.Should there be tampering with the meter the Company will disconnect services and lodge a criminal complaint against the customer.In addition,the customer shall be required to pay any applicable penalties prior to any reconnection of services.
  8. It is the responsibility of the customer to give access to the meter and premises to the Company’s authorized agents who shall reserve the right to disconnect from the mains in the event of no such access being granted.Such agents shall at all times identify themselves.
  9. The company may ration the supply of water in times of shortage.In such events the rationing program shall be published at least 7 days before the commencement of rationing in media of wide circulation.Except in cases of emergencies, the Company shall endeavour to notify of any service Interruption.
  10. Customers may lodge complaints with and report any corrupt practices involving the Company’s Employees/agents at any service or drop confidential note at our corruption reporting boxes.
  11. The company reserves the right to reject your application or withdraw the connection for any false information given or default on payments for services rendered for your other existing connections
  12. In case of changes of ownership of the building a new water agreement must be entered into, and the applicant must produce the last water bill receipt(if any).
  13. The company may from time to time amend the terms and conditions set out herein provided that no amendment shall come into force except with prior notice of at least three months.
  14. The customer shall give a written notice of fourteen days, where services of OLWASCO are no longer required and terminate the contract surrender original deposit receipt and request for refund.
  15. Meter once connected is in custody of the customer and should not be removed and kept in the house at any time. In cases of meter theft, it’s the responsibilities of the customer to report to the company immediately.